Humeral Shaft Fracture Brace

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Provides support and stabilization of distal or mid-shaft humeral fractures and post-op healing of soft tissue in external fixation. It will stabilize the defect  while allowing muscle activity and joint motion that is so important for making a full-function recovery. This humerus fracture splint is one of the simplest and most effective modes of treatment for broken upper arm bones.


  • Most comfortable, convenient mode of treating a humerus fracture, unlike a hanging cast or sling
  • Provides circumferential compression to the soft tissues around one's humerus, controlling and supporting the segments of the upper arm
  • Constructed of rigid polyethylene, a lightweight yet durable plastic that is extremely breathable
  • Covers no more of the body than necessary, and doesn't impact the function of either the shoulder or elbow
  • Size XL fits bicep circumferences of 15"-17", and above elbow circumferences of 13"-15"

Size:  S, M, L, XL
                                 sizing of humereus fracture splint


Above elbow circumference (A-in)

Bicep circumference 
S 7'-9' 9'-11'
M 9'-11' 11'-13'
L 11'-13' 13'-15'
XL 13'-15' 15'-17'

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